Christmas in August

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Christmas in August

In the hot summer days at our family cottage, time passed slowly. We relaxed with typical activities, fishing, swimming, lying in the sun and reading. As children, each day was a new adventure. We would catch frogs, play horse shoes, beach volley ball, build sand castles for hours. In the evening we gathered for a family meal which invariably included corn on the cob from the roadside farmer’s stand. Once the sun set, we would often gather around a campfire to sing songs and roast ( and burn) marshmellows. Christmas was far from our minds.

All of that changed one day in August. I should have known that something was afoot when I saw my father in deep conversation with our cottage neighbor. It turned out that they were planning a special event. The neighbor’s daughter who had down’s syndrome had the unfortunate luck of being born on Christmas. Each year, as others enjoyed gift giving, she would get birthday gifts along with Christmas gifts. My father decided to do something about it. Along with the neighbor they decided to celebrate Christmas early- on August 25th.

On that day, our summer activities took a remarkable turn. First, we headed to the forest and cut down a fresh, small pine tree. Next, we erected a Christmas tree on the beach, decorated it with popcorn strings and paper cut decorations. benches were set up surrounding the tree and our neighbor placed gifts under it. Then we all gathered as our neighbor led his daughter down to the tree. Our campfire songs turned to Christmas carols, the gifts were opened and we all delighted in the wonderful smile and sparkling eyes that lit up the young girl’s face.

Christmas in August became a new cottage tradition, and until our neighbors eventually sold their cottage, we looked forward to it each year.
That is the thing about cottage life- you get to create your own traditions.

Although it was years ago, and I have wonderful memories of summers spent at the cottage, that Christmas in August is one of the best. The happiness it brought to all of us was in the true spirit of Christmas- joining together to do something that was giving to another.

If you catch me smiling on a hot summer August day, it may not be because of that long tale fisherman’s story you just told. No, I’m just thinking about Christmas.

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2 comments on “Christmas in August”

  1. Fran Tieleman Reply

    The article n the newspaper today roused my interest. I do not know any other Canadians in Riner so I was happy to hear you had Canadian roots. Now I just read your Christmas in August article and I know you are Canadian. No one here goes to a cottage…the lake, the mountains or the beach are common destinations, but not a cottage.
    But I digress. I would like to send my sister in Honeywood, Ontario( near orangeville) a pudding. Can you do that? Of course we missed Thanksgiving, but she has a November birthday.
    Please let me know.

    From downtown Riner

    • Mountain Mill Reply

      Hello Fran,

      Yes I am Canadian. I’m glad you figured that out from the Christmas in August article on our blog site. But, now I digress.
      It is fairly easy to send a pudding to your sister. From our main website Click on the “shop Now” button or choose “shop” from the menu. Choose the pudding you would like to send to your sister, add it to your cart. Once you have completed the Billing address information (you), proceed to fill in the Shipping information using your sister’s address. Scroll down the page and click “calculate shipping” The website will then show the shipping costs, the cost of your pudding and the total. Be sure to include your sister’s postal code in the shipping address to calculate accurate shipping costs. All costs are shown in US dollars.

      If you order this weekend, you can take advantage of our 25% off sale on Jeweled Cranberry Pudding by entering the coupon code: Weekend during checkout.

      Once you have checked out, we will take care of the shipping to your sister, including the completion of customs forms.

      If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us using the Contact form on the main website

      Paul Mackey,

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