Pudding Time

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Pudding Time

according to Oxford pudding time Pudding Time 2015 07 11 22

according to Oxford

Pudding time is a special time, anticipated by children and  enjoyed by all.  It follows a meal, extends the ambiance and is often the highlight of the occasion.   “The time when pudding or puddings are to be had;  a time when a person is in luck; a favourable or useful time” (Oxford English Dictionary(3rd ed.,) Somewhat cynically it has been used to describe the action of a politician who arrives at a meeting following the hard debate, just in time to partake in the sweet period when a decision has been reached.

When we think about special occasions and fine desserts that provide a sweet ending to a marvelous meal our thoughts turn to a mental menu of pies, cakes and ice cream. Why not pudding?

In England, pudding is a broad term that describes many kinds of desserts, including pies, tarts, custards, steamed puddings, and ice cream. In America, puddings have come to be associated with snacks, custards or mousse in little plastic cups , or with a mix that comes from a box.  Let’s change this. Puddings can be the crowning highlight to a special occasion meal -as they once were.

To make pudding time the highlight, we can take notes from literature where a novel builds to a climax, where the everything that proceeds- the setting, the conversations, the multiple stages of the meal, tease our senses.  Perhaps, we could look to the theater, where we know in advance that there will be a finale, a last act. The use of menus in restaurants help fill this purpose- and you can use them at home for special occasions too. Even, without a menu, you can let people know that there will be dessert.

Announce it.  Rather than just setting the dessert on the table, have an intermission following the meal. Then announce that it is “pudding time” or “dessert time”, just prior to being asked”what is for dessert?”  The anticipation is heightened if the answer is unknown. Or as my mother used to say, “you will have to wait to find out.”

Clear the dinner plates first, to create a break and to let your guests know that something more is coming. Choose a pudding to  complement  the meal. A zingy lemon pudding to accent the previous course,  a ginger pudding to tingle the senses.  Present each serving on a special plate,  to the table set to receive it. (Plating the pudding is an art in itself and the subject of a future blog post)

Presenting the Pudding pudding time Pudding Time 2015 01 17 19

Presenting the Pudding

When it is pudding time, there is nothing more dramatic than first turning down the lights and parading a heated , brandy drenched, flaming dessert to the table.  The traditional Christmas plum pudding- also known  figgy pudding presented in a manner,  as Charles Dickens described the entrance of Mrs Cratchit’s “cannon ball”- the highlight of the meal.
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